Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crazy. Nuts. Bonkers.

The title describes my life right now. Or maybe just me. Anyway, we have had a crazy, busy couple of months, with everything seeming to happen at once. Then just as things seem to calm down to normal, the craziness breaks out again. And DON'T tell me that this is the new normal. I refuse to believe that!

Over the weekend, our oldest five girls were performing in a musical play, along with most of the kids from our church. They've been working on this since March, so this was a big deal. We rented the gymnasium of a private school, props and scenery had been built, costumes made (fortunately not by me), lines and choreography learned. My parents and Kelly's dad all came in for the performance. I plan on doing a whole blog post about the play later in the week. Right now I want to talk about the rain.

You see, we are living proof of the adage, "when it rains, it pours." Not only have we been dealing with my ankle injury, but also the death of my mother-in-law, and helping my father-in-law with details, like getting their house ready for sale. Last week we also attended my sister-in-law's naturalization ceremony (another blog post coming) and getting ready for the play, but Kora came down with a cold. Then on Friday, the day of the dress rehearsal, two more of the girls came down with it. None had run fever, so I gave them cold medicine and sent them anyway along with a bottle of Purell. Then the day of the play, another girl came down with it.

After the play, Kora (12 yo) was running around the gym, jumped over something, and landed HARD, hyperextending her knee. She crumpled to the floor in quite a bit of pain. We figured she had sprained her knee or something. Sunday morning, I wake up with a burning throat - yep, now I had the cold, as did Ashlynn. These colds always make my asthma flare up, so I am on all sorts of drugs for that too. By Monday Kelly had it, and Kora was still in quite a bit of pain, unable to put any weight on it. So I took her to the doctor. He ordered x-rays, fearing that she might have broken the top of her tibia.

We took her in for x-rays this morning, and sure enough her leg has two cracks in it, easily visible to Kelly and me, though we have no medical training. Another trip to the doctor - this time a pediatric orthopedist - confirmed this. She was able to get a brace instead of a cast which is GREAT. She is allowed to take it off to bathe, though for now she has to sleep in it.

So we spent Sunday and most of Monday all lying around either sick or with a broken bone. Our 10 year-old, Aubrey, had KP most of the time because she got over the cold first. Oh, and did I mention that I hadn't gone grocery shopping yet? Usually I go right at the first of the month, but with company and the play, I had planned on going Sunday or Monday. Well, Sunday and Monday, I could barely get off the couch, so we were definitely scrounging. One night she made scrambled eggs and toast, 'cause that's what we had! Kelly finally made it to the store on Monday and got some cereal, milk, sandwich stuff, and frozen lasagna.

Did I mention the fact that our dishwasher and one of our outdoor faucets is leaking, our toilet won't stop running, the elliptical needs the belt looked at, and the suburban needs an oil change?

Oh, and when Stouffers says their lasagna is "Large Family Size"... THEY LIE.


DRS said...

Sometimes life is cruel. :-)

Jeanie said...

Praying everything settles down soon...

Gumby's Gang said...

Hugs, Tami! When it pours around here, I try to remember that the fiery darts are being aimed our direction because of to WHOM we belong. Praying that you see rays of sunshine this week.......


Cottle Clan Dobermans said...

For future reference:

1 Stoffer's PARTY size
1 homemade bread
2 Sides

This will feed your family.