Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chicken Fry

There are two things I never thought I'd learn to cook well. Really they are just two variations of the same thing, since they both start with "chicken" and "fried." The last time I attempted chicken fried chicken was in 1996. No joke. The chicken was still raw in the middle, and I've been scared to try ever since.

Chicken fried STEAK is another matter entirely. I have become quite good at making that if I do say so myself. But so does my husband. Of course, I don't make it more than once or twice a year. But today, since was my husband's birthday, I made it again. Yum! The best I've ever done. And the gravy was to die for. Double yum. And a salad - we aren't totally devoid of nutrition here. But we did top it off with cherry crunch and Blue Bell ice cream. But the salad makes up for it, right?

The only down side is that one of my two big burners went out on me, so I was making steak in one cast iron skillet and frying hash browns in another cast iron skillet on one of my small burners. Not ideal. And yes, just in case you were wondering, my Facebook post for the day went something like "Cholesterol for lunch." But it is a rare treat, so we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good bye, Anne. Sniff, sniff

Last week, I finished reading aloud one of my favorite series of books to my girls. 'Course, it only took me over a year to finish it. I am consistently inconsistent when it comes to reading aloud to the girls. I know - I'll probably be kicked out of the home schoolers' club for that. But it is hard to find a time when we don't need to be doing something else and I can get and keep their attention.

I used to try it at lunch, but frankly I am usually starving and want to eat first. And by the time I'm done eating, they nearly are too and need to start cleaning up and the little ones get restless... However, while Kelly has been working swings we've adjusted our schedule to fit his. So we are eating our big meal of the day at lunch and eating sandwiches or leftovers for supper. And somehow it is easy for me to wait and eat after they do at supper now. So while they eat, I read. Then while they clean, I eat. It has worked great! We've finished two books in the last two months - a record for us.

I spent the last year reading the entire Anne of Green Gables series to the girls. These are hands down my favorite books from childhood. In fact, I still love them. We are reading out of my set I was given when I was about 12 or 13 and they are quite battered and ratty looking. The last book might be my favorite. Set during World War I, that book brought the "home front" home to me more than any history book I've ever read. The only problem is that I choke up all the time. I cry in several places in that book every time I read it, and reading it aloud? Well, it was really hard to get through at time. I'll never get a job recording audio books, that's for sure.

But it was sweet to share these books that I love so much with the girls. I think they have caught a share of my love for them as they would beg me to always "read another chapter." It was sad to have it end. But today we started the Narnia series. I read it to the older girls years ago, but the younger set has never heard it, though Brynna has read them. But it won't be the same.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello? Is anyone there?

Blog? I have a blog?

If I have anyone left who actually reads this, I apologize. I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting something. Again, it's because we've had so much going on, and some of it is not blog-able, And it's all been keeping me busy and a little crazy. Three big updates today:

1. Most importantly, my grandmother passed away Sunday morning. She has been going downhill for the last six months, but has really had a hard time in the last 3 weeks, and was very ready to go home. I'm sad of course, but mainly concerned for my mom and aunt. After losing Kelly's mom last year, I don't even want to think about losing your own parent. And of course, my mom has been her primary caretaker in that she was the one going to the nursing home every day, making sure everything was taken care of, her hair cut, her doctor appointments made, etc. It will be a big hole in her life.

2. Today, Hailey got her cast off! She had a hip to foot cast for 5 weeks, then a short cast for 4 weeks. Today she got a break boot that she will wear for 4 weeks, taking it off only to sleep and bathe (yay for a real bath!). She is very excited.

3. We started school, have now added in all subjects. It certainly keeps me busy all morning. With a kindergartner learning to read all the way up to a high schooler, I am definitely being stretched this year. So far the two online classes Kora is taking are working well for us. She though she is, she is liking the online class. Go figure.

If you are interested, here's the obit for my grandmother, who will be missed, but who we know is in glory.