Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Like Fingernails on a Chalkboard

Last Tuesday evening, Kelly and I were giving Ashlynn and Lauryn a bath when it happened. We've always warned these girls it could happen but so far we had escaped anything really bad. So I guess it's fitting that our last little girl finally bought it. Instead of standing still in the slippery bathtub like we are always telling them to do, she decided to walk around and she slipped.

And hit the side of the tub with her two front teeth.

The sound was AWFUL.

Immediately we could tell her two front teeth were chipped, but at least they were still in her mouth, for now. She was bleeding from somewhere in her mouth, though we couldn't tell exactly where immediately. We finally figured out the gums around one of her front teeth was bleeding and we were afraid she would lose at least that tooth. I was having visions of no front teeth for the next 4-5 years. Of course this is after business hours of our dentist.

The next morning I had to do two things: find a dentist that would see her and find out how to handle our new dental insurance, which had just kicked in the day she fell. Our dentist doesn't see children under the age of five, so they told me to find a pediatric dentist. There's one right down the road from us, but in finding out if they were in our network, we discovered that somehow we still weren't in the dental insurance system.

So Kelly had to go down to HR and work with one of the ladies down there to figure out what the issue was while I took Ashlynn to the new dentist. We just decided to pay up front and file a claim with the insurance company once we got all that settled.

The dentist appointment turned out to be something of an anti-climax. The office was great, very child-friendly and the people were so nice and helpful. They examined her and said she was fine. The teeth might or might not discolor but she probably wouldn't lose them. He didn't even want to file them down. He said just to have her eat soft foods for the next 7 days just to make sure the teeth are traumatized anymore. Fortunately, just as I was about to pay for the visit, Kelly called and said the insurance was worked out. So they ran it again, and the visit was covered 100%.

Fortunately we had no further problems. But she is much more cautious in the bathtub now!

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walkmom said...

Similar thing happened to Lydia--our 5th girl. She was riding on a ride-on-toy and hit an uneven place in the sidewalk. Head first over the handlebars. Both front teeth "died" but she didn't lose them. They even came out in the normal order, and one of them would NOT come out forever with a permanent tooth coming in above/over it. Teeth are resilient!