Monday, August 2, 2010


Blogging is a funny thing. When there's a lot going on, there's usually no time to write about it. And many times the most important things of life are too private to blog about. There's been a lot of both going on at my house lately. Obviously some of it I can't write about, but I'll try to catch up on what I can.

With Hailey confined pretty much to the house in early July, I got a lot of painting done when Kelly would be here to help with her. I got one upstairs bathroom, two hallways, and the upstairs living area done. I still want to get the stairway done, but that may have to wait until September. It's a doozy, so I need a long concentrated time to do it.

Then, our friends, the Schneiders came for a visit. I hope to post pictures at some point, but we had a great time. I met Vivian when her oldest was crawling around on the floor and I was due to have Kora any day. Now we have 10 kids between us (and her oldest son is not crawling any more - he's 6 foot tall!) They are military and recently moved from Germany to England and were home on furlough, basically. We went to Six Flags, we went to the pool, we went shopping, we played poker after the kids went to bed. It was a great week. (And no, I didn't drag Hailey to Six Flags - she'd have been miserable! A friend let her and Ashlynn come play with her girls until Kelly got off work. Thanks, Candace!)

This week, I am going to try to potty train Ashlynn before school starts next week. She's been basically begging to potty train for weeks, and I've been putting it off. And if it doesn't "take" this week, she may not get another chance before Christmas! Two of my least favorite things as a parent are teaching phonics and potty training and I have to do both this fall! But maybe our last little girl will make it easy on me? Believe me, I am not holding my breath.

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