Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Threes

You know the old saying how things always break in threes? Well, we beat that! In the last two months we've had to replace:

4 tires on the Suburban
one broken window in the house
the lawnmower
the grill
a keyboard
a speaker set (these last two are thanks to our puppy chewing the wires)

And of course that's not even counting the "body work" Kelly had to have in February (he had his gall bladder removed).

But since a friend of mine has had to replace her whole life (or at least her laptop, which I'm sure felt like it) I won't complain. Too loudly.


Granny said...

Seems like the more our lives are improved with technology, the more we're handicapped when things break :-/

Tami said...

Very true.