Thursday, December 17, 2009

Moving On

We had a bit of a sad day today. Kora's been taking piano lessons from Ms. Penny for about two and a half years, and today was her last lesson with Ms. Penny. Ms. Penny is "handing her off" to the teacher in the conservatory that teaches the more difficult literature. In other words, Ms. Penny gets 'em young and gets 'em ready. We are so pleased Kora's progress during these last few years. Kora cried today, hugging her teacher 'bye, though she'll still see her often. But Ms. Penny will always have a special place in Kora's heart - and mine. :-)

This picture was taken after the spring recital in May.

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DRS said...

She may be the best I've ever heard. She seems to have all the best attritributes of both Vickie and Tony.