Friday, December 11, 2009

What's for Supper - revised

I had to revise this 'cause I'm a total dork and forgot to add in the cheese.
Two XL pizzas, one pepperoni, one BBQ chicken.

$1 for the pepperoni (half a package)
$1 for the chicken (BBQ thighs from HEB I grilled then chopped up into 4 helpings and froze)
less than $0.20 for a couple slices of bacon
about $0.05 for chopped onion
about $0.20 for pizza sauce (maybe, maybe more like 10)
a few pennies' worth of BBQ sauce
a few pennies for the ingredients for the pizza dough (which took all of 3 minutes to make)
$1.60 for mozzarella cheese (bought in bulk at Sam's)

Total: Less than $5 for two XL, very yummy pizzas. It's virtually impossible to make ourselves order pizza delivered anymore, especially when the kids PREFER homemade pizza any day of the week!


Kristen and Dave said...

no cheese???

Tami said...

AHHH I knew I was forgetting something!

Kristen and Dave said...

hehe...its ok, now you're more like me :-)