Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aubrey is a happy girl

A year ago, Aubrey got braces. Here's what the poor girl looked like then.
She got the braces off today! Yes, she's quite happy. Here's what she looks like today.
We have to go back in a week for her retainer and some spacers which will be glued in for a year and a half to two years while we wait for the rest of her adult teeth to come in. Then she gets to undergo another round of braces. Yes, this is only the end of phase 1. Her teeth were so messed up that it was affecting her jaw growth, so they needed to go ahead and do something NOW to stop them from affecting her growth, and to allow the rest of her teeth to come in better, which will hopefully mean a short phase 2.

Kora is the only one not 100% happy though. She's happy for her sister, but she knows that this means it's her turn now. She goes in for the initial visit on February 22, and we'll schedule B-day (brace day) for her then. She's really thrilled, lemme tell ya.

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Johnson said...

how cute...I had spacers glued in when I was 15, and now I am 34....they are still glued in...Good grief I think they are forever.