Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An expensive lesson

Here's a tip for you:

If for some reason your garage door opener decides to start acting funny one day - let's say it will only raise your door about 5 inches off the floor and then stop - here's a tip that will save you from having to pay a technician a healthy service charge to come out and tell you what the problem is:


Yep, that's right. Evidently, some automatic openers "run on Windows" as my computer geek husband says, and just need to be reset sometimes. So if yours ever does this, try unplugging it before shelling out $60 to the technician.

Not that we know anyone who's had to do this recently. No, not us. Absolutely not. Uh-uh. Just wanted to pass a tip on in case it could help anyone else. ;-)


walkmom said...

Our pastor commented from the pulpit 2 Sundays ago that people in his neighborhood and others around there were having trouble with their garage door openers. Something somewhere was interfering with the signals. I have no idea if their problems have been resolved, but maybe you were part of it.

Tami said...

I guess it's possible, but it was doing the same thing from the button in our garage, not just the remote in the vehicle.

Johnson said...

Ours does it to and we reset it everytime. Sometimes if spray air it dusts the machine out and WD40 on the wires helps to