Sunday, February 21, 2010

New 'Do

Kora's been wanting to get her hair cut and layered for quite a while now, so Friday afternoon I took her to my stylist to get it done. I really had no idea what she wanted but she had a picture in her head of what she wanted. It turned out very cute. The pictures really don't do it justice, partly because I'm such a bad photographer, and partly because it doesn't catch the way she moves. It has made her look at least two years older than 13, her real age. The fact that she's just a tad bit shorter than me doesn't help either. (The other day I wore flats to church while she wore three inch heels. I'll not make that mistake again - I felt like she dwarfed me!)

I told Anne, the stylist, that her father would NOT like the new cut. I was right. But we all think it suits her very well. The layers allow her hair to be even more wavy than it already was. Now she just needs to learn how to use a straight iron.

These pictures are with it air dried, with natural wave.

These pictures were taken today, when we used a flat iron on it.

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