Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chicken Fry

There are two things I never thought I'd learn to cook well. Really they are just two variations of the same thing, since they both start with "chicken" and "fried." The last time I attempted chicken fried chicken was in 1996. No joke. The chicken was still raw in the middle, and I've been scared to try ever since.

Chicken fried STEAK is another matter entirely. I have become quite good at making that if I do say so myself. But so does my husband. Of course, I don't make it more than once or twice a year. But today, since was my husband's birthday, I made it again. Yum! The best I've ever done. And the gravy was to die for. Double yum. And a salad - we aren't totally devoid of nutrition here. But we did top it off with cherry crunch and Blue Bell ice cream. But the salad makes up for it, right?

The only down side is that one of my two big burners went out on me, so I was making steak in one cast iron skillet and frying hash browns in another cast iron skillet on one of my small burners. Not ideal. And yes, just in case you were wondering, my Facebook post for the day went something like "Cholesterol for lunch." But it is a rare treat, so we thoroughly enjoyed it!

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