Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Gall Bladder Saga

I mentioned in an earlier post that Kelly's been having health issues. This has been going on since May. In June we thought he had food poisoning. Since the attacks kept happening we thought he'd developed a food allergy. Then we thought it was a bacterial infection of the stomach. A blood test ruled that out. Then we thought it was gall stones. An ultrasound ruled that out.

Then a couple of weeks ago he went in for an EGD because the GI doctor thought it was an ulcer, but the scope showed nothing that could cause the symptoms. So he ordered a HIDA scan to check the gall bladder to see if it was functioning. A normal gall bladder will show at least a 35% rate on this scan; Kelly's was 14%. His condition is called Biliary Dyskinesia. So Monday he saw a surgeon and Thursday he had the gall bladder removed.

This was somewhat amazing that it happened so quickly because our health insurance is still a mess. Kelly changed jobs in November but wasn't eligible for the company health insurance until January 1, 2011. (The company insures new hirees starting on the first day of the month after they have been working there for 30 days.) But the company's health insurance year starts over on February 1 of every year. So we had insurance for January and then the company switched health insurance providers in February. So we still don't have insurance cards. We weren't even in the new company's system yet. But obviously God worked it out so that they worked with us. Kelly's HR manager has been a great help too, working with the doctor and surgical center to show we do have coverage.

It was so providential that he had it done Thursday, because he was so sick from the gall bladder that morning that I would have had to take him to the ER if we weren't already scheduled to go in for surgery. I joked to the girls about him having "gall bladder poisoning" and they thought I was serious. I'm not sure I wasn't as it was definitely "poisoning" his health. He's still sore from the four incisions in his stomach, but already feels better than he did before surgery in spite of the pain.

Hopefully, he'll be back to feeling better very soon. We are all hoping that. My 14 yo made the comment yesterday that it was hard to imagine life without Daddy being sick all the time. We are praying that is in the past.

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