Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is why kids should be taught Logic

Did you know we got a new puppy recently? No, that wasn't at all logical, what's your point?

Buddy is afraid of balls. Even small ones. He barks at them and crouches down like he's going to flee for his life. It's quite funny.

Buddy also has discovered my raised vegetable garden, which currently has nothing in it but dirt and the soaker hose. The girls had a very hard time keeping him out of it yesterday while they were out playing. And no, it's not that funny.

Where does the logic come in? Well, it allows my 12 year old, Aubrey, to come up with this syllogism.

1. Buddy is afraid of balls and won't go near them.

2. Buddy likes to get into the garden bed.

Thus this should work:
And you know what? It did!