Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Ashlynn!

A year ago today, Ashlynn Faith looked like this:
Ashlynn has probably brought more pure joy into the life of our family than any other baby. Not that she's loved more, but I think most of the girls were old enough to really enjoy a baby like none other I've had. Ashlynn belongs as much to her sisters as she does to Kelly and me.

We gave Ashlynn the middle name Faith because having her was an act of faith and I knew making it through the first few months after she was born would be as well. But I can say that God was faithful, allowing me to get through the nursing difficulties and keeping the PPD I usually struggle with at a minimum.

Happy birthday, Ashlynn! We love you!

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The Johnson Family said...

Happy Birthday! I can not believe it has been a year!