Monday, November 30, 2009

Lauryn is 5!

While we were gone on our Thanksgiving trip, Lauryn celebrated a birthday. She's 5 now!

Aubrey celebrated a birthday just before we left for our trip and we actually did two candles and both girls opened presents then. This way Daddy wouldn't miss the big event.
But we still had to have cake and ice cream on her real birthday, of course. We have a tradition of allowing the birthday girl to plan the menu on her birthday (within reason of course, fortunately no one has asked for steamed lobster or anything!). Lauryn wanted cinnamon rolls and orange danish rolls for breakfast, pigs-in-a-blanket for lunch and Lady's Chicken Noodle Soup for supper. Oh and when asked what kind of ice cream she wanted, she said, "you know, that white kind."
(Yes, I know that the candle says "1" but it was the only candle in my parents' house. We gave her the choice, but she decided a 1 candle was better than no candle at all.)

Lauryn is my little pixie. Though she's tall, she's tiny and just seems to flit through life. She's a bit mischievous but she always makes us laugh. She's also got a sharp little brain hiding behind the blond hair and blue eyes.

I have to tell another story about her that made me laugh. The day of her birthday, we had to go to the grocery store to get a couple of things, including the "white ice cream." When we got to the store I put Ashlynn in the cart. Lauryn asked to get in the cart too, but this cart only had room for one child. Plus she's getting too big for me to pick up and her legs are too long to get into a toddler seat in the shopping cart. So I told her she was too big.

A few minutes later she told me:

L: Mama, if was still 4, I would want in that cart.

Me: But now that you are 5, you don't want in it anymore?

L: (sigh) No, I still want in it!
Happy birthday, Lauryn (who is very into mermaids right now)!

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