Sunday, August 19, 2007

The countdown begins

The girls and I dropped Kelly off at the airport today. We left church right after the sermon, grabbed some lunch (at Taco Banana as Taco Cabana is known in our family), and headed to the airport. He had to be there plenty early as he had all sorts of special equipment to get through security. And, surprise, surprise, I managed to do it without crying.

I tried to remind myself all weekend that he was only going to be gone 2 weeks. Women whose husbands are in the military are without them for months at a time. (In our 5 years in the Air Force, only once was he gone for more than a week, and that was to tech school, when Kora was 4 months old.) And Kelly is going to be in Colorado Springs, not getting shot at in Iraq. This tactic is managing to make me feel very silly and foolish, but not doing so much to comfort me. Hmmm, maybe a change in tactic is needed?

Honestly, it doesn't help much that he is going to the mountains, leaving me here in hot, muggy San Antonio. And he is going to see our friends the Prathers, and their new baby girl. While I am left here to deal with 5 kids, schooling, morning sickness, and possibly Hurricane Dean. :) But I'm not bitter about it, really. ;)

Seriously though, I am going to miss him very much. I know I often fall into the rut of taking those around me for granted. So I am sure the next two weeks will remind me often of what I have in him.

On to more practical matters, does anyone have any good movie suggestions for me while I am marking off the days until my husband gets home?


Lora said...

You will do just fine! Us Type A personalities are made this way for a reason. It is just an adjustment in our schedule. It will take a few days and then you will be going strong and boy when he returns you will be ecstatic! If you need to chat-give me a call!

Mama Bear June said...

Getting my husband back yesterday after a 10 day trip, I can totally relate! Even after 20 years of marriage, I hate it when he's gone.

I use the opportunity to watch chick flicks whenever he's gone. But I don't recommend "Premonition" at this time. :-P A few of my favorites:
Fried Green Tomatoes
Hope Floats
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Steel Magnolias
Shall We Dance?

I never sleep well when Ken is gone. So I tried to do really relaxing things at night. Lavender lotion after a soak in the hot tub, listen to soothing music, etc.

Kim said...

When Ryan was gone at 7 level school I just read a lot and went to bed early. I was in my second trimester but still really tired! We also spent a decent amount of time on the phone after the kids were in bed. Sprint definitely lost money on our free Sprint-to-Sprint plan!

We're all looking forward to seeing him again! Hopefully he won't stay too busy since I know Ryan hasn't had much guy time lately!

Ryan said...

I'm sure he will miss you just as much Tami. I promise I won't let him enjoy being here too much! ;-)

Teresa said...

I know how you feel, Tami - Gary's last job required him to be out of town for at least one week per month on the average and I hated it every time. But, God is good and gives us everything we need when we need it, right?

I think the hardest time I spent without Gary is the three months before we moved here to San Antonio. He had to start his new job the end of October while I stayed in Illinois to pack up the house and prepare for the move. He came home for four days over Thanksgiving, and boy was it hard on both of us when he had to go back to the airport to head back south. He came back the weekend before Christmas in a huge rented moving truck to bring us home with him to Texas. I hope we never have to do that again.

A few of my favorite movies:
-- Just Like Heaven
-- Facing the Giants
-- Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn & Cary Grant)
-- Somewhere In Time
-- Forever Young
-- Eragon

I have these on DVD if you want to borrow any of them - email me and I'll bring them to church for you!