Monday, August 20, 2007


I find it funny when people ask me if I don't get bored "just" staying at home with the kids. Now when I had only a toddler and a pre-schooler, I was desperate for adult conversation, but I don't consider that the same as being bored. :-)

Anyway, I was struck today about how varied the things I dealt with/taught today are. Here is a snippet:

*Helped H sound out sentences like "Ken fed the fat, tan hen."
*Taught K how to find the measurements of angles in a parallelogram with two sets of congruent angles
*Taught A how to take the "re" ending off a Latin infinitive in order to get the root of a verb on which to add the endings for the present, imperfect, and future tenses
*Sang the ABC song with L
*Read about Charlemagne and the Feudal system to B
*Taught A how to average and what the average of a group of numbers means
*proof read two thank you notes
*Counted by 10s and 1s with H
*Explained what a "cross-reference" was to A
*timed math drills for K and A
*Helped B with her geography assignment on Charlemagne's empire
*gave K a spelling test
*Taught H how to write the lowercase letter "n"
*Counted to 20 with L
*Showed B that the long hand on a clock pointing to a 6 means it is 30 minutes past the hour
*read Bible verses and had devotional time with all 5
*showed K how to cut out and sew a decorative pillow for a scouting badge
*checking all work and setting needed items out for correction

All this on top of supervising laundry, meals, piano practice, making a few phone calls, paying bills, writing emails, etc. Who says being a mommy mentally stagnating?

Oh, and as a funny, when I was teaching Hailey her phonics lesson, we were reading the sentence "Ben had a red van."

Me: (pointing to the word 'red' that she had just sounded out) This is the color red, not read as in read a book. (I tapped under the word) This is the color red.

Hailey (staring at the printed word on the page, and in a somewhat amazed and confused tome of voice): I thought it was black.

I had to laugh at that one. Guess I'll need to watch how I phrase things. :-)

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