Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm alive and home

Yes, we did make it back home, though we had to drive through a monsoon to get here. We had a good trip, even though the reason was sad. We saw lots of family and some friends, had lots of good food, and - until the monsoon otherwise known as Tropical Storm Erin - a relatively smooth trip.

Graciously, my morning sickness has not set in yet! Thank you, Lord! I am extremely tired, and if I go too long without eating my blood sugar crashes (and when you are traveling and staying with other people, you are not always in charge of WHEN you eat) so I did have to contend with those issues, but it was much easier than I anticipated.

Well, the girls are bathed and in bed, and I think I am going to follow their example. They played with many cousins very hard and very late, so I think they are as exhausted as I am. Thanks to all of my friends who prayed for me during the trip!

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