Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life goes on

As much as the universe seems to be altered when you find out you are going to be bringing another life into the world, somehow life keeps going on. Older kids still need attention and food, clothes need to be washed, all while awaiting for the proverbial hatchet to fall (i.e. morning sickness to fully set in).

However, we did have a very nice time on our own Friday night. Thank you again, Christine, for keeping the girls. They had a great time. We saw the latest Bourne movie (very good), ate lots of good food, slept in a little, and just had some great uninterrupted time alone together.

When we got home Saturday morning from picking the girls up, we found out that Kelly's great-grandmother passed away during the night. Kelly's dad was orphaned at a young age, and his grandparents finished raising him. His grandfather has been gone for a number of years, but Grandmother was 95 or 96 years old. So we will be traveling up to the panhandle this week as Kelly and his brother and some cousins will be pall bearers.

And on a frustrating note, I got my new printer this week, but when I sat down to use it, I found it is defective! After a wonderfully insightful online session with the HP tech support (ha!) they determined that it was a mechanical failure (really?) and that I needed to exchange it for a new one. So UPS comes and picks it up tomorrow, and I will wait (im)patiently for my replacement. It is really a nice model, picked as editor's choice in some of the techie magazines. So I am hoping I just got a dud, and that the next one will have me copying again in happiness.

So I would appreciate your prayers for our family this week, for those dealing with grief, and for me as I deal with morning sickness and fatigue while we travel.


Granny said...

Warren's Law: The amount of trouble I experience with any new appliance is directly proportional to the amount of weight I give to pre-purchase research and online reviews in deciding what to buy.


(Exception: my slow cooker.)

Tami said...

Well, I sure hope that last one was just a bad one, because I think I'll really like this model - if it works. I'd sure hate to start over looking for a printer/copier!

Ryan said...

Amen to the Warren's law.

Sorry to hear about Kelly's grandmother. Our prayers are with you guys! Miss you.