Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well, for all of you that thought it was a boy...

God has graciously given us:

Ashlynn Faith Smith was born at 6:20 CDT this morning.

She was 21.5 inches long and 9 lbs. 14 oz.

So, not as big or long as Lauryn, but bigger than the others.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Love you all!


P.S. Sorry, guess I should have put in the other major piece of info, she is a dark brunette like Hailey. Not a trace of red.


Neal Schneider said...

So, is she another red-head?
Looking forward to the photos!

Viv and Neal

Candace said...

YEA!!!!!!! Congratulations Smith family! We are so happy for you! Can't wait for the details of how labor went!

We're rejoicing with you in God's goodness and faithfulness! Can't wait to see her!

Love you all!

Caleb & Anne said...

Congratulations on your new sweet baby girl! We love her name and can't wait to meet her someday!

Teresa said...

HURRAY!! It's finally over! Now the fun begins!

Can't wait to see pictures...hint, hint! Congratulations.


Alexander Family said...

Congratulations to you all!!

Lora said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! We are so happy for your safe arrival! Now, be good to Mommy and Daddy and let them rest!