Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thanks, everyone.

Thanks for all the comments and emails! I have been reading them, but other than that, haven't been on the computer much. I've been resting and nursing instead. Yeah, I thought you'd forgive me for that.

I will try to get a birth story up in the next few days. My mom is here for a couple of weeks and Kelly is taking at least a couple of days off, so we will be just enjoying this time at home for now. I am doing very well, and so is Ashlynn. More pics soon, I hope.

Oh, but I have to tell a funny. This morning, I put Ashlynn in the porta-crib/bassinet in my room so I could go to the restroom. Lauryn had followed me in there and stayed with the baby. When I came out, Lauryn very seriously told me, "I was watching Ashlynn to make sure she didn't climb out of her crib." After I got done laughing, I told her that Ashlynn couldn't climb out of her crib yet, but thank you for watching her. That little girl can't wait until Ashlynn gets big enough to play with!


Stephanie said...

That's hilarious, Tami.

CONGRATULATIONS!!, and she's beautiful! Rejoicing with you on yet another adorable little girl.

(So you and Janice really were racing to the finish, huh? I suppose you were probably each too preoccupied to know that the other one was giving birth on the same day? How exciting!) :)

Neal, Janice, Madeline, Aidan, and Evelyn said...

Congratulations Tami! I guess you beat me by a few hours, but that is what I figured. Even Neal said his money would've been on you! Ashlynn is beautiful, of course...Take it easy, that is what I plan on doing!