Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weird Week

This is a little bit of a weird week around here.

First off, we are nearly done with school. For the year. That's right. We finished up science a couple of weeks ago, history last week. The girls have mostly finished up things like grammar and spelling workbooks. Kora and Aubrey have both finished the Latin books. This is just a "tie up loose ends" week. I had planned ever since I found out I was pregnant to end school this week, so we have structured the school year accordingly. It helps that we started in July. We also haven't taken a spring break. That starts next week I guess.

And of course everything is ready for the birth - except the baby. So we are all in a waiting game. I am finding myself with time on my hands - a very weird feeling for a busy mom of many kids. There's not alot physically I can do as my back and hip pain, not to mention ankle swelling, prevents me from doing much around the house. I have been preparing simple meals, and getting the girls to pitch in even more than they usually do.

Adding to the unusualness around here, Kora sprained her ankle a week and a half ago and still can't put weight on it. So not only am I about half out of commission, my oldest child and most capable helper is limited as to what she can do as well. So this has required a major shift in who does what around here. Never a dull moment, right?

Mainly we are just kinda hunkered down, just waiting. I don't expect to have the baby until sometime next week (I'm actually praying it doesn't stretch into the next week like Lauryn's pregnancy did!). In the meantime, I'm reading and watching alot of movies and HGTV. And dreaming of tiny babies.


vivian schneider said...

Hang in there! The boys will be expecting an announcement on Saturday concerning your new daughter. I have tried to tell them that babies do not always come on their due dates, but they don't understand. Enjoy your rest.


Candace said...

Ohhhh, school ending sounds sooo good. I'm beginning to feel like we'll never finish this year! ...SIGH....

Praying daily for you and the arrival of your sweet baby!