Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Brush with History

Last week Kora spent a few days with Kelly's brother and his family. They had such a good time, going fishing, swimming, and doing some touring of Austin. One of the neatest things Kora saw was in this building, which is, I am told, on the campus of UT.
Does anyone know what this is?
This is one of 48 existing copies of the Gutenberg Bible. Kora says the book on the left is actually a replica so you can see what the cover looks like. The book on the right is the real McCoy. I had no idea we had one so close to us, or I would have taken the whole family this last semester when we were studying this! Too cool! Anyone up for a field trip?
Oh, and I sure hope this isn't an omen for her future...


Candace said...

Very cool! Yep, we'd definitely be up for a field trip!

Stephanie said...

We did a field trip to the Capitol with NWHE this past year. It was one of my favorite field trips by far!