Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firsts: bottle

Yesterday Ashlynn was given her first bottle, compliments of her two oldest sisters.

Although I breastfeed exclusively, I like the flexibility of being able to leave the baby every once in a while. So I try to make sure that starting at 6-8 weeks old, I pump once every week or two so that the baby is accustomed to taking an occasional bottle. This way I am confident that, should the need or want arise, I can safely leave them once in a while.

I've had one baby who didn't take a bottle very well, because I didn't do this. Fortunately, Ashlynn takes a pacifier, so she took to it like a champ. But it still is a little weird to watch someone else feed my baby!

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VLS said...

Just like having your own baby doll!!! Too cute. Ashlynn's already growing up too fast. And we won't even talk about Kora & Aubrey growing up.