Monday, June 16, 2008

Ramblings about Summer Break and Reclaiming my House

I'm so glad that I pretty much stayed at home and hibernated that first month after Ashlynn was born, because it has been go, go go! every since.

I have had several projects going on in and around the house. Mainly of the decorating, organizing, cleaning, and cleaning out kind. My kids really hate the last kind, as it usually involves getting rid of toys. But the Barbies have executed a hostile takeover of Brynna and Hailey's room, so the local charity donations will soon be receiving some very little high heels.

We've also ordered some bunk beds for Brynna and Hailey. As soon as they come in, we are going to switch up some of the kids' bedrooms. Brynna and Hailey will be moving into the bedroom which shares a Jack and Jill bath with Kora and Aubrey. Lauryn will be moving to the big bedroom and we'll also be setting the crib up in there for Ashlynn's eventual move out of our bedroom. In preparation for this, I have painted both of these bedrooms. Of course, now I am committed to paint Kora and Aubrey's room as well. :-) I've also been comforter shopping and gathering items to decorate the two smallest girls' room when the switch occurs.

But I've been having a blast with it. It is so wonderful to get up and do something after so many months of just doing enough to get through the day. And the fact that I feel like doing things and working hard is great!

Then last week I had to also get ready for my in-laws visit this past weekend. My sweet MIL offered to bring her carpet cleaner. Our downstairs carpet looked really bed, and my cleaner has something very wrong with it. So I even got my carpets cleaned, and they look fantastic! Thanks, Vickie!

Now I am helping my hubby get ready for a business trip and hosting a good friend of mine for the next week and a half while she works at a camp here in San Antonio. So while I am waiting for furniture deliveries, I am going to be cleaning out the stuff my clutter bugs have collected, and just plain cleaning. When I was cleaning for my in-laws last week, I realized just how far I had let certain areas of my house go. Eeeew. So hopefully I can get a good bit of that done while Kelly is gone.

I usually don't take an extended summer break, preferring to keep a more year-round schedule. But, I have to admit, that I am savoring the long break this year! I just put in my school order last week, so I am hoping I will be ready to get back to it and get the next year planned out in July.

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