Friday, June 6, 2008

I feel good, Na na na na na na. Like I knew that I would now.

While I am still dealing with sleep issues, just like any mom of a new baby, I am so happy to report that I feel good. I haven't been blogging much because I have been both busy and occupied. And no, they aren't the same thing.

Feeling "good" may not sound like much to many of you, but it means so much to me. In fact it has a double meaning for me. First, I am NOT PREGNANT anymore. I knew I felt crummy there at the end of the pregnancy; but until she was a few weeks old and I started to feel really good, I didn't realize how bad I had felt. I tell you that there has been a huge difference - at least for me - in the pregnancies I had in my 20's and the two I have had in my 30's.

So with my new found energy and good feelings, I have been tackling many projects around the house that have been sadly neglected over the past year. Memorial Day Weekend we shaped up the front yard and porch. We still have a little bit to do - like getting some sod down in an area that used to be a rock bed - but it looks much better. Like people live here who care. I've also been painting. I have painted two bedrooms upstairs in the last week, with help from my oldest two girls. We have ordered bunk beds for our 7 and 5 year olds, and will be moving them into a different bedroom. I wanted the rooms painted before the beds arrived and the bedroom switch occurred.

Most importantly, however, I am feeling good post partum. As many of you who know me well are aware, I had some major problems after the births of my 5 and 3 year olds. I am extremely happy to report that with Ashlynn nearly 7 weeks old, I am showing NO SIGNS of similar problems this time. And I am thanking the Lord every day for it. He has sent many things and people my way that have made it possible this time, and it is such a blessing that I am not taking for granted. I am also past the early nursing stage when I have so many problems, so I am to the point I can really enjoy the baby.

Especially when she sleeps from 9:30 pm to 6 am like she did last night!!! First time!

So I have been busy around the house and with my family, and I have been occupied nursing, rocking and holding my baby. And since I have never gotten the hang of typing one handed, it has cut down on my blogging time. But since I am being able to really enjoy that baby time like I haven't been able to the last two times, I haven't minded too much.

But if she keeps sleeping like this, maybe I can get back to things I enjoy, like blogging. And running off baby weight. And weaning myself off Dr. Pepper. Oh wait, I think that falls into the necessary evil category...

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Candace said...

Thanking God with you for your health all around!