Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ashlynn's First Birthday

Last weekend, we finally celebrated Ashlynn's 1st birthday. We were waiting for my parents to come down and be with us - after all, Ashlynn didn't know it was 13 days after her birthday!

Here's the birthday girl now!
Since Ashlynn couldn't tell me what she wanted for her birthday cake, we went with my favorite: chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing. Yum! My older girls call this recipe "Mama's best icing."
Daddy has to help blow out the candle.
What am I supposed to do with this, exactly?
Are you sure it's ok to touch it?
Ewwwwww! It's sticky! Get it off!
Wait... this tastes gooooooood!
Ashlynn, where'd your cake go? She didn't even make that big of a mess! I feel gypped - I was supposed to get a good picture of a chocolate smeared baby-face.
On to presents. Her favorite was probably the gear toy.
In fact, it had the whole family enthralled.
Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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