Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kora's recital

Sunday evening was Kora's recital. When we got to the church, we saw the program for the first time. Kora was FIRST of the students after a professional guest pianist opened the recital. At first I thought "Oh, no!" But then I realized that at least it would be over sooner so the nerves could settle down. Hopefully, Kora felt the same. :-)

Kora in her dress and jewelry borrowed from me.
Kora performed Fur Elise.
After she performed, her teacher got up to present an award to her. We knew she was getting an award, but I assumed it was the same type as Aubrey had received, "Most Improved" for her age group. She actually received a trophy for "Best in Studio." Each of the teachers in the conservatory had a "Best in Studio" award to hand out, and Kora received Ms. Penny's! We were very proud and surprised.
Kora with Ms. Penny.
A study in concentration. She's very serious when she's nervous. And boy was she nervous. But she did a fantastic job and were are so proud of her and Aubrey both!


Jeanie said...

Beautiful! Both of the girls look great : )
How old were they when you started them? My hubby wants to get a piano when we move.

Tami said...

I taught both girls at home for their first year or two. I think Kora started at age 9. Aubrey was 8 I think. We didn't get a piano until Kora was about 8.5 so I couldn't start her any earlier.