Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pink is Pretty

Here I am, modeling the latest in fashionable footwear.
Lovely, isn't it? This is what I have to wear for at least the next 4 weeks. In summer. In South Texas.

Back in March, I was working out one morning. I stepped forward to do a lunge with my left foot, when I felt something funny in my ankle. I quit doing that and by the time I was done working out my ankle was hurting, so I took it easy for a week or so, keeping the ankle wrapped. Then I eased back into my workout routine, but eventually the ankle started hurting again.

Again, I scaled back on all exercise except for running on the elliptical. I kept the ankle wrapped. I tried staying off my feet for week. But the ankle kept getting worse.

So the first part of June I went to see my doctor, who said the interior tendon of my ankle was inflamed, not unlike someone who has carpel tunnel of the wrists. He gave me a round of steroids and Alieve. This worked wonders for a week or so, but soon I was back as bad as I had been, some days barely able to walk. I went back to my doctor, who said, "hmmmm."

Don't you love it when docs say that?

He gave me another round of steroids and told me to go see a specialist. He thought I needed steroid shots right into the tendon. The oral steroids helped again, though not as much as the first time. Thankfully, I was finally able to see the specialist today.

He said I had indeed injured the tendon my doctor had told me, but it was more serious than either my family doctor or I had believed. The damage has obviously gotten much worse. In fact, he called my foot "deformed." The tendon is no longer holding the shape of my foot, the arch is nearly non-existent, and it stays swollen all the time now.

He said we may well be looking at surgery, though we are going to try some other things first. Because the surgery is a very big deal, he wants to avoid it if we can. The surgery makes me a little weak just thinking about it - I don't remember all the details because he lost me when he started talking about cutting my heel bone. Basically it would require a reconstruction of my entire left foot except the toes. And then there's a long rehab after that. Did you remember that I have SIX KIDS? I'm not allowed to be down like that.

In order to avoid the surgery, I have to have my ankle immobilized for 4-6 weeks to allow my body time to heal. So I came home in a lovely pink walking cast. In 4 weeks, I get that off and he'll evaluate things from there. At that point, I could be re-casted for longer, put into regular footwear with a good arch support, or scheduled for surgery.

While I am not looking forward to 4 weeks of casts in 100 degree heat, I am thankful for answers. I know that this is God's will in my life right now, for whatever reason. I also know we are commanded to be thankful in ALL situations. It is also a great opportunity to show my kids how to handle adversity, how to keep a godly attitude towards the negatives in life, and all that good stuff.

Can you tell I'm giving myself a pep talk? We all need it at times, right? I am just thankful to be living in a century when we have AIR CONDITIONING! And that I have older kids. And there is chocolate and Dr. Pepper in the world.

Needless to say I am praying that the surgery will not be necessary, but that no matter what God has planned for the next several weeks, that He will give me the grace to live through it as I should.

Right now, I have to break the news to the girls that we are starting school a week early...

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The Johnson Family said...

Wow, hope it gets better. Matthew had to have a small rod put in his ankle after tearing something during a softball game. The surgery was rough as well as the recovery. But a very pretty cast none the less. :-)