Monday, September 14, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

The other day, something spectacular happened. Something out of this world, hasn't happened in nearly two years kind of spectacular.

It. Rained.

Hard and long. For those of you not in south Texas, I hope you can imagine how parched we all are down here. Then last week, it rained for several days in a row. On Wednesday it rained in fits and starts. Then on Thursday, it started raining about 11:15 and didn't stop for hours. It was heaven.

When it started we all had to go out to the front porch just to watch the spectacle. I'm not sure Lauryn could ever remember rain like this and I know it hadn't rained like this in Ashlynn's lifetime!

First we just watched and marveled.
Then we had to reach out and catch some of this marvelous stuff.
Then there were some tentative dashes under the deluge.
Ashlynn liked it!
Pretty soon we were baby-stepping it onto the steps.
Next thing I know ALL SIX of them we doing this.
And this.
Eventually, Aubrey brought Ashlynn into me shivering. Lauryn came in too, not liking being cold and wet. But Ashlynn rather resented being brought in! I dried her off and stripped her of her wet clothes, and then she cried to be let back outside!

Meanwhile, the older four were doing this.
And this.
I was told later that Hailey was waving wildly to the couple of cars that passed by our house during this time. I half expected to get a call from CPS that afternoon.

But truth be told, I wished I could have gotten out with them in their impromptu recess in the rain (I couldn't because of my cast). I love rainy days, and something about the months of drought made my soul feel as parched as the land around here. And I think the girls will always remember the day they went out and danced in the rain.

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