Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why the English Language HAS to be the toughest to teach.

Yesterday during Hailey's phonics lesson, she was sounding out the word "catch." She did not say the proper short a sound, so I corrected her.

Me: No, it's ca. Short a like in apple.

Hailey: Ca. tch. Catch. Why does everyone say it like this?

Me: What do you mean?

Hailey: You said "catch." I say "ketch."

English is hard enough to learn, and our poor kids are trying to learn it in Texas.


Jeanie said...

This is cute I like this : )
How old is Hailey again? What are you using for Phonics?

Tami said...

Hailey is going to be 7 in a couple of weeks.

Primarily I use Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading by Jessie Wise (same lady who wrote First language Lessons) but I have also used Phonics Pathways with my older kids. Both have worked very well. With Hailey I've actually used both, switching back and forth to reinforce concepts.

OPGTR is probably better for parents who are unsure about how to teach it, but both are inexpensive, thorough, and easy to implement.

Jeanie said...

My 6 & 8 yo read pretty well, but soon I will be ready to start with my 4 1/2 yo...well maybe : )

Abigail said...

Try teaching kids to sing with a uniformed vowel sound in Texas! That is why a majority of the songs I choose are in a foreign language.