Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How much do you know about the Civil War?

In honor of back-to-school, I thought it would be fun to offer a little quiz: how much do you know about the American Civil War? Yes, it really is fun! I promise.

The Civil War is ripe with stories about the fighting. The men who fought it were prodigious letter writers and journal keepers, so there is no shortage of anecdotes about the battles. Almost every major battle had an area or two that forever after the battle was known by a nickname earned in that spot. Or sometimes insignificant little hills or towns became famous for the bloodshed that occurred there.

So you assignment is: take the nickname, name of a town (or building), or geographical place and list the corresponding Civil War Battle in the comments section. For instance, let's say #1 said "Shiloh Chapel" then in the comments you would list "1. Battle of Shiloh." Obviously none of the rest of these will be that easy. Also, since the North and South sometimes referred to the same battle by different names (e.g. Antietam and Sharpsburg) I will take either answer. Some battles will be used more than once. Try to do as many as you can without references.

* My FIL is strictly forbidden to post his answers in the comment section, as he would give away every answer to anyone else who cares to participate. David, you can email me if you must. :-)*

Here we go:

1. Marye's Heights

2. Bloody Angle

3. Little Round Top

4. Hornet's Nest

5. Elkhorn Tavern

6. Ezra Church

7. Bloody Lane

8. Lee & Gordon's mill

9. the Crater

10. Hell Hole

11. Dunker Church

12. Stone wall

13. Mule shoe

14. the peach orchard

15. Missionary Ridge

16. the Sunken Road

17. Hell's Half-acre

18. Seminary Ridge

19. the cornfield

20. Devil's Den

OK, there you have it! Post your answers in the comments! Show me how smart you are!

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