Friday, April 9, 2010

Band of Brothers

Kelly and I just recently finished watching the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, which documents the actions of Easy Company, 506th Paratroop Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne division during World War II. Kelly got the set for Christmas and I decided to watch it with him, though World War II has never been an area of history I've been much interested in. It was too recent - after all, my grandfather was in the army during WWII. He was a staff sergeant in the China/India/Burma theater.

But in the last few years the era has peaked my interest more. I don't know if it is maturity on my part or the passing of my grandfather, but I had read a little more about it in recent years, though not nearly as much as other areas. Last year, I studied the civil war almost exclusively. I read I don't know how many books about it, until I was Civil Warred out.

Even though I was slightly more interested in recent years, I still didn't think I would enjoy the series as much as I did. Though, after talking to a friend of mine with several boys, I realize this might be due in part to the fact that I HAVE NO BOYS. I don't have to worry about my sons wanting to grow up and be soldiers. So it doesn't evoke images for me that it might in other moms. The historian in me wanted to know how factual the series was, so I've actually started reading about World War II - something I've never done before unless it was a class assignment. And I'm enjoying!

And I wish my grandfather was around to ask more about it.

Even though we enjoyed the Band of Brothers, I need to warn you that the language is, well, rough would be a polite term. I realize that it is probably accurate in that regard, but it is still hard to sit through, especially as I am not used to hearing it any more. So we will definitely not be letting any of the girls watch it, maybe until they are grown and gown out of the house. :-) So don't get the idea that it would be a good supplement to your high schooler's history studies.

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