Friday, April 2, 2010

Smith Infirmary for Girls

That's what Kelly said we should call this place lately. Though I guess that wouldn't be appropriate now.

We've had a nasty stomach bug go through our family, starting with Ashlynn last Sunday. Then we thought we were free when no one else had succumbed by bedtime Tuesday night, which was a good thing since we were supposed to host our church's Wednesday evening Bible study.

Then around 1:15 a.m. Lauryn wakes me up with news that she has it, and I realize as I'm getting her situated that I'm not feeling all that steady either. Hoping it was just the power of suggestion, I stayed on the sofa just in case it wasn't so I wouldn't disturb Kelly. Sure enough, I had it too. By the time Kelly woke up, I was running fever. I ran fever all day long, staying pretty high. I don't remember being that sick in years, mainly because of the fever and, I'm sure, dehydration. I'm so grateful Kelly stayed home from work that day 'cause he had to nearly carry me to the bathroom, I was so weak, and nearly passed out on him a couple of times. I remember telling him at one point that I thought I was going to die. A few moments later I changed it to "I want to die."

Since I came down with it, Aubrey got it, and then last night Brynna, Hailey, and Kelly all got it. Ironically, Aubrey's the only other one that ran fever; most everyone has gone through it without any, let alone as high as mine was. Kora has escaped so far, but I'll be surprised if she doesn't get it soon. I feel like I need to hang a "Quarantined" sign on our front door. For such a short-lived virus, it is nasty while it is here.

Unfortunately, we aren't sure if this will affect our Easter plans, but at this point we are assuming it will.

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