Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Good Friday and the Cross represent Jesus dying as payment for our sins. The first Easter and the Resurrection were when Jesus clothes us with His righteousness so that when we stand before God, He sees not a sinner but His One and Only Son.

I'm sure that's were the tradition of Easter clothes/dresses comes from right? To represent our new robe of righteousness from Christ? Surely there's some highly significant reason for this tradition other than a longing for new duds? It would make me feel better if there were. :-)

Well, if not, they sure are fun, especially with a house full of girls. Easter dresses are fun. When I went to see my mom and dad a few weeks back, she and I went shopping for dresses for the girls. My mom very sweetly bought the dresses (THANK YOU!) and I decided that since I didn't have dresses to get, I would get them jewelry to go with them. So the older 5 got bracelets and earrings - well, all those with holes for earrings to go in.

Ashlynn will be 2 in a couple of weeks and has still not learned how to keep her tongue in her mouth. It's her trademark.Lauryn (aged 5)
My mom and I fell in love with these dresses - love the skirts!
Hailey (7yo) - and yes, she has forgotten how to smile for the camera. They all did at this age.
Brynna (who will be 9 in a couple of weeks) LOVED the wrap that came with this dress.
Aubrey (11 years old).
Kora (13) - no, she's not unhappy, but there is a story here.
As I wrote earlier, we've all - except Kora - had a nasty stomach bug this week. This morning she felt fine, though she didn't eat much breakfast, which is unusual. By the time she'd finished dressing though, she said, "I'm not feeling very good." Kelly was already having to stay home from church as he wasn't completely over it yet. So I told Kora to "let me take a quick picture first." So I drug her outside and took a couple of quick individual pictures, then told all the other kids to get out there quick so I could get a quick group shot. Kora was great about it, but in her effort to keep the nausea at bay, she doesn't look very happy. :-) I'll get a better picture next week. Since she didn't get to actually go to church, she can just wear it next week!
Happy Easter !

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