Sunday, July 27, 2008

A fraud

I have to admit that I have felt like something of a fraud lately. After sleeping through the night for more than three weeks in a row, Ashlynn has decided that she would rather interrupt my sleep after all. So she has been getting up between 2 am and 4:30 am to nurse every night for the last 2 weeks. So all my talk about early mornings... well, it just hasn't happened these last two weeks (unless 7:30 is early to you). I still want to - I really don't like sleeping in until the kids get up. But I am trying to remind myself that this is a short season in my life, that she is only 3 months old, and eventually it will pass. It will, won't it?

So my resolution this week is to get up before the kids do, even if it isn't at 5 am. Oh, and to not drink Dr. Pepper every day. Honestly, I think it'll be easier to get up early.

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