Monday, July 28, 2008

Look Up!

It's an old organizing tip to utilize vertical space, but it is still a good tip. Many people assume that every area of my life and home are not only organized, but cataloged and indexed as well. Not true. If you had seen my entry closet a few days ago, you would have seen a case in point. Unfortunately I rarely think to take "before" pictures, so you can't see what a mess this awkwardly shaped closet was in. It slants under the stairs, so it has always been a challenge. Just try to imagine a small closet crammed with coats, book bags, diaper bags, umbrellas, a camera bag, a tripod, exercise equipment, musical instruments, a card table, folding chairs, baby paraphernalia, and a vacuum cleaner and you'll get the picture.
So I bought a shelf and some hooks that Kelly installed, screwing them into the studs. Now there is actually a floor you can see.
I was even able to get rid of our rather decrepit hall tree next to this closet, which makes our entry hall seem bigger and brighter. So if you haven't checked out the options in stores like Lowes or Home Depot that can allow you to make better use of your spaces, get out there and do it! It's very satisfying.

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