Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just Around the Corner

So like most homeschooling moms, I am in the midst of planning, sorting, copying, purchasing, etc. for the upcoming school year. This is much later than I usually do this, since we usually start a new year right after Fourth of July. But this year we aren't starting back until August 18th, so I am not quite done yet.

My oldest girl is going into mostly 7th grade work this year, so her year looks different in many ways than last year. Her work load is increasing a little, as is the structure of some of her courses. I am also changing a few things with the younger kids, so I thought I'd highlight a few of the things I'm using this year.

Introductory Logic- Kora will be taking her first formal logic course this year. This will also be her first DVD taught course. The DVD features James Nance, one of the authors, giving the lectures on each lesson. Then Kora will have exercises and tests which I will administer and check. The DVD just explains the concepts. I am very interested to see how this works for us.

Henle Latin - Kora finished the Latin that she was doing, so now we are moving into Henle. What I love is that the study guide is designed for homechoolers rather than a classroom setting.

Latina Christiana - Aubrey did not do as well in Matin Latin as Kora did, so instead of moving into Latin Grammar, we are going to use Latina Christiana. This also means we are switching from classical pronunciation to ecclesiastical, but I like the latter better anyway. Latina Christiana is also designed for homeschoolers, and has lots of extras, like music in Latin that you can get to go along with it. A friend even lent me the DVDs that go with it, so Aubrey will get some DVD instruction as well!

Tapestry of Grace - You knew I had to throw this in as well, right? We are finishing up year 2 and will do at leat the first half of year 3, which means we are in the middle of early American colonization and will move through the Mexican War this year. Hailey will be joining us for this history/geography/literature study as well.

Apologia General Science - Kora will also be doing the first in the Apologia Middle and High school level sciences. This will also be the first year we've done two different sciences. Kora will be doing this one by herself, the younger girls will be doing something else. It is also more demanding, as a junior high level course should be.

Living Learning Books 3: Chemistry - This course is an elementary level chemistry course ala Well-Trained Mind. Lots of hands on experiments, like mixing vinegar and soda. Biographies of great chemists. Very cool!

Easy Grammar - This is also a new curriculum for me this year. I've read so many good things about it. I've always used Abeka grammar in the past, but it has way too much busy work in it, and not enough review. (The blatant theological errors didn't help either). So Kora and Aubrey will be doing Easy Grammar and Daily Grams this year. I am a believer in diagramming sentences, however, and I don't think these address that. So I will be adding in that as well.

First Language Lessons - This is the best early grammar text out there, hands down. It's for first and second grades, which means Brynna and Hailey will both be in it this year. Most of the work is done orally, but it really grounds them in the basics of the English language.

Elementary Greek - This is Kora's third year in this series which teaches Koine, or New Testament, Greek. I'm still debating on whether to start Aubrey on the first book of this series this year or wait until next year. Kora loves this course.

Vocabulary From Classical Roots - Kora finished the spelling series last year, so she is moving into a vocabulary series which I have also been told is very good. Plus with her Latin and Greek background, she should have a leg up on it.

Spelling Workout - This is the spelling series I use from Kinder through 6th grade. I would love to use Spelling Power, but the amount of teacher prep scares me off of that. :-)

Italic Handwriting
- This is the series I use to teach handwriting. It has a more natural flow than traditional ball and stick print. The cursive is also more like most of us write, like a joined print.

Well, I think that's most of it. While this isn't everything we are using this year, these are some new items and old faithfuls that will be filling our school room shelves this coming year.

What jewels will you be using this year?

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Kristen & Dave said...

I'm actually waaaay downsizing for the younger kids, in the theory of the Bluedorns, which I have found very helpful for me. I'm finally going to start Molly in Latin, but will use Lingua Latina, so we'll see how it goes. But I wanted to say that after using Spelling Workout for years, without seeing any improvements (although Molly never minded the work), we switched to Spelling Power. And Tami, if I'm not overwhelmed by the teacher workload, you'll be fine! ;-) Seriously, it was one of the easiest things I started, and I do almost no prep. Molly loved it right away, we're seeing good results, and I love that I'll never buy another spelling book again, only the notebooks (which you don't even need -- we went without for a few months).