Friday, July 25, 2008

The Snowball Syndrome

I have been infected. I have officially been diagnosed with a Snowball Syndrome. There are actually various strains of this.

My particular one is the Decorating Snowball Syndrome.

You see, it starts out when you buy a couple of pieces of furniture. In my case it was new bunk beds for two of the girls, a new entertainment center and tables which we have been planning on for several years, and a new chair and ottoman for the master bedroom, which I have wanted for 5 years.

That's when it starts to snowball.

You see, because of the new beds and Lauryn moving into a twin bed, I had to buy new quilt/comforters for their beds. And new sheets, 'cause we didn't have enough. There were several articles - prints, mirrors, etc. - that hung on the walls in other areas of the house that would go great in Lauryn and Ashlynn's new room. But that leaves bare spots on the walls, requiring new artwork on the old area.

I also had to paint the walls before we could switch the bedrooms. And since they had their bedrooms painted, Kora and Aubrey wanted theirs painted. And their walls did look yucky, so I had to paint their room as well.

But now that their rooms are painted, the attached bathrooms are really crying out for a coat of paint as well. You see how this happens?

And of course the new entertainment center and tables required new accessories and lamps.

The syndrome also spills over to the organizing side of things. I finally decide to organize and clean out the dreaded armoire (anyone know the literary reference here?) and under my bed. That went very well, but it made me realize that I needed to tackle the entry closet. This required the purchase of more shelving and hooks. And a laser level and stud finder.

Needless to say, decorating is dangerous business.


Kim said...

I understand what you mean! I've been doing a lot of that since we moved in. Except I don't paint these houses. I refuse. But I am amazed at how quickly money leaves my hands for interior decorating :-)

Stephanie said...

That's why I don't bother. ;)

Actually, I love how organizing/cleaning leads to more of the same, but the decorating kick can turn into a money pit fast, huh? (I like to tell myself that I actually have very good taste buried underneath my non-existant decorating budget.) I just choose to live vicariously... :)

Your hard work has paid off, though, and congratulations on getting to the armoire you've been avoiding! See? Now you really COULD allow anyone to see any part of your house!

Teresa said...

I am currently reading Jan Karon and I just passed the part about the armoire...they just got married and were debating where it should go!