Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best Laid Plans

I had all sorts of plans to do some deep cleaning this week and next as well as some school work for the next semester. I also needed to go grocery shopping, go through the kids' stuff for an end of year donation run, and organize the new Christmas loot.

Well I have a few things done, but not nearly what I had planned on. I did indeed get the Christmas cold that Kelly and Brynna shared with me. The congestion then settled into my lungs for an extended stay, especially liking to party at night, and causing my asthma to flare up. Thus my list of things to do has not been shrinking like I would like it to.

But I have one more week before we start back to school and I am praying that I feel well enough to really hit the cleaning next week. Especially now that my doctor has started me on steroids - those usually kick out unwanted guests from my lungs very quickly.

And in case you need yet another list to begin the year with, here's my list from last New Year's of great projects to get yourself organized for the new year. Hopefully you will be more successful than I have been this week!


Candace said...

So sorry you're sick! Hope you get to feeling better quickly!

Jeanie said...

I pray you are better and soon. When are you coming over to help me organize? Your posts/pics of newly painted decorated and organized rooms inspire me. That was a long run-on sentence : )