Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Most belated Birthday Party Ever

Aubrey turned 10 back in November, but Daddy got sent on a business trip that was supposed to last the whole month of November (if you remember he did get to come back early). Aubrey wouldn't even think about having her party without Daddy (and he wasn't too keen on the idea either), so we postponed it. Since December isn't exactly the easiest time to have a birthday party we set it for January.

I'm sure it will be a shocker that she had a horse themed birthday party.

They started out with some craft time. They painted some wooden bags and some wooden horses, they we then glued to the front. We later filled these with horse stickers and candy.

They also painted horse heads. I bought a special paint that is supposed to mimic stained glass to use on the plastic heads.

We had six friends over, plus the sisters. Even Lauryn got in on the action.
Then it was on to hot dogs, cake and ice cream. I'll post pictures of the cake tomorrow.
Ashlynn, you are too young for Dr. Pepper and Coke!
And of course presents - many horses, of course!
Thanks, ladies, for coming and helping us make a great memory for Aubrey!

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