Sunday, March 15, 2009

Small Things

It's really easy for me to "leave God out" of the small stuff. Not that He's really not there, but sometimes I get to going along my own way, and forget to seek God in the small things.

A few days ago I asked the girls' piano teacher which recital they would be in. You see, the big spring recital is really four different recitals spread over a Saturday and Sunday. The Sunday afternoon recital is called the Baby Grand recital and is Sunday dressy. The Sunday evening recital, the Grand Piano recital, is the one for the most advanced students, and is formal. Her teacher had told me last year that Kora might be in the Grand recital this year. So I asked her a few days ago which recital she would be in. Ms. Penny told me it would depend on how she performed during juries.

Juries are when the student plays her piece before all the instructors in the conservatory and they critique the students. The only issue is that juries are only a week or two before the recital! If she is going to be performing in the formal recital, that doesn't leave me much time to find a dress.

So I was faced with a dilemma - what to do about a dress? Should I go ahead and shop for one, keeping the price tag on it so I can return it if she doesn't need it? I did a little looking, but nothing I was finding was appropriate for a 12 year old anyway. All the dresses were prom dresses; strapless is definitely "in" this year. And what about the cost? For a dress she'll wear a couple of hours and probably outgrow before next year?

I admit it: I fretted, I worried, I pondered. I remember asking the Lord, "What am I going to do about her dress?" But honestly I didn't really expect an answer. After all, it's just a dress.

Yesterday when I went out for my Saturday afternoon errands, I stopped in a thrift store that has just opened in our area. I was hoping to find some skirts for Kora. I was looking through the dresses to see what they had when I saw it.

In perfect shape, among the denim jumpers and granny dresses, was a beautiful formal dress, somewhere between a cranberry and burgundy color. I'm guessing it was once a bridesmaid's dress, but it is simple yet elegant, and very appropriate for her age. I picked it up, thinking that it looked about the right size. I looked at the tag - a misses XS. Perfect! When I got it home, Kora tried it on and it fits perfectly. It is a little too low cut in the front, but because of the way it is made I can either create tucks to alter the neckline or can get her a lacy camisole to wear underneath it.

And the price? $5.99!

I am humbled that even amidst job issues and family illnesses the Lord cares for even the small details of our lives. I will think of that every time I see that dress.

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Candace said...

Awesome Tami...thanks for sharing that lovely story!

I love when God shows us just how much He cares about what we consider the small stuff.

And please let us know the recital details...we'd love to come watch!