Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Announcement

We are very excited to announce that Kelly is starting his own IT solutions business! Next week, South Texas Technology Solutions officially hits the ground running.

Kelly not only has a BS in computer science, but also has over 15 years experience building, servicing, maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting computers. In a few weeks, his certifications will be finalized as well. STTS will offer on-site or in-office service to both residential and small business computers and networks in San Antonio and surrounding areas. He will also sell computer components as well as full systems, create and install custom entertainment systems, and offer web services, such as building and maintaining websites. He can also create custom software, provide software testing services, and create databases.

This has been a dream of Kelly's for several years, however the timing was not right. But over the past several months, he's really felt called to start this. At first he will be working for his current employer as well as for the business. Our prayer and goal is that in the not too distant future, the business will be his livelihood. He really loves helping people with computers, and looks forward to be able to do so full-time.

As you can probably imagine, we have spent much time on research, details, and setting things up. We don't have all the final details in place, but will have most of them by July 1st, the official kick-off date.

We would ask two things of you:
1. Please pray for us. Not only for clients to come to him, but for patience and endurance for us both as we undertake what will probably be the hardest thing we've ever done. That Kelly can be a blessing to those he serves. That I will be the "helpmeet" he truly needs. And also that he will have more business than he can handle quickly so that he can go full time.

2. If you live in or around San Antonio, and know us and feel comfortable doing so, please recommend Kelly to anyone or any business you know who needs computer work. As in any service industry, word of mouth is the best marketing you can have. Next week, I'll put the business information on the right sidebar of my blog.

We've already received a wonderful amount of support and encouragement from those who've known about our project. It means a lot to us. Please keep praying!


Kristen and Dave said...

woo-hoo!!! you can be sure we will both pray hard, and recommend Kelly whenever we get the chance!!

Kim said...

That's exciting! We'll be praying for you all! Will he need any employees next spring? :-)

Tami said...

Kim, that would be great, but the business would have to REALLY take off for that to happen. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to pray for that, would it? ;-)

DRS said...

Best of luck guys!!! I know you've wanted this for a long time and I hope every dream comes true. I'm just sorry I'm not in a position to help or recommend -- but only because I'm in Dallas. I know Kelly well enough to know that anyone who does business with him will be blessed by doing so. I don't really have the words to say how happy I am for you!!!

Ryan said...

I have seriously considered starting my own business, and I've wondered if now (or in a year) but I think, location, job, home, and 4ish month old baby is enough change. I think that it would be great to work with Kelly sometime. Although, we would probably have too much fun together. ;-) Praying for clients and wisdom

Tami said...

Well, Ryan, we will just pray we go off like gang busters so that Kelly has to take on employees! He said he'd love to work with you!

Monica said...

You don't need luck to do this, like you said with Kelly's experience and education and HIM behind ya'll you can do anything! Here's to a successful new venture and a new beginning!