Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big weekend

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. We had a big weekend, which included my husband having a terrible head cold, which I seemed to have been fighting earlier in the week. Now that I am feeling mostly normal again, I can post.

This past Sunday our five younger girls were baptized at our church, Presbyterian style. This family picture was taken after services. No, I didn't buy the dresses for this occasion, we had them from family pictures taken a few years ago when we only had 5 kids (remember that, honey?).
When I pulled these pictures off my camera, I was struck at how TALL Kora is. No way my 12 year old is almost as tall as me. Granted, she's wearing heels, albeit low ones. But so was I! How did this happen?

Next thing you know, she'll be wearing the same size shoe as I do. Oh wait, she DOES! Next thing you know she'll be calling herself a teenager. Oh no, that's in 6 months! Again, how does this happen?

In other news, we have a big announcement to make soon, so stay tuned. (And no, it does NOT have anything to do with a new baby, pregnancy, or any of the children for that matter.) I'll let you in on it in a few days!


Jeanie said...

Love this picture and now I want to know what the surprise is...??

Monica said...

Anxiously awaiting the Big Surprise! Wonder what it could be...

Monica said...

Looking at your picture got me thinking... I so remember like it was yesterday... I met you at the inlaws house there in Odessa way back when. I was visiting and you were visiting, and there was this little baby crawling around on the floor. Or was she just laying there and we were playing with her... Either way it is so hard to believe that Kora is about to be a "teenager". Where has time gone? Take care all of you lovely ladies! Oh and Prince Charming!

Tami said...

That was a long time ago, Monica! I know, it seems like just yesterday she was toddling around and now she's an expert at watching and taking care of the current toddler!

Where are you stationed at now?