Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One more thing

One thing I failed to mention that I was doing this summer is revising the girls' chore lists. Any long break is a great time to re-evaluate what kids are capable of accomplishing around the house. This also gives you plenty of time to teach the child to do the chore properly, then observe the child doing it properly for days or weeks with fewer interruptions. By the time school's back in, the child should be able to complete the task by herself.

With six girls, is there any chance I could work myself out of a job???


Granny said...

I wouldn't try if I were you. Can you say "positive pregnancy test"??


Jeanie said...

Huh? Tami are you expecting?

Tami said...

NOOOOO! Definitely not pregnant.

See what you started, Cathi? You're going to have rumors flying around like mad. LOL

DRS said...

I tried that with your son -- the problem is they all grow up and move away and then you have to do it all again. You might think about making one or two of the girls home nuns or something so they can't get married. Then it might work. Too bad I didn't think about that in time to use it myself :-)