Friday, June 5, 2009

Weird According to a 4 Year Old

This picture was taken in September 1996. We'd been married just over 3 years and I was about 6 months pregnant with Kora. Kelly had just been commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force, and we were about a month away from moving to our first duty station. We were both 22, about to turn 23. Just babies ourselves!
I keep this picture on the table beside "my" chair in our bedroom. The other day, Lauryn (4.5 yo) was in our room "helping" me make my bed. She went over to the table and started studying this picture. Here's the conversation that followed.

Lauryn: Mama, you look really weird in this picture.

Me: What about Daddy? Does he look "weird" too?

L: Yes, he looks a little weird. But you look REALLY weird.

Me: Why do I look so weird?

L (placing her hand across her forehead like she was seeing if she was running a temperature): 'Cause you have dark stuff right here!

Me, laughing my head off: Those are bangs, Lauryn! My hair right there in front was cut short over my forehead. And that short hair is called bangs!

L: Oh, well the bangs made you look really weird.

She went around telling everyone in the house for the rest of the day about my weird bangs. Guess it's a good thing I let my bangs grow out several years ago!


Jeanie said...

LoL!! This is a great post, thanks for sharing : )

Monica said...

I remember that picture!