Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last weekend, my husband sent me off for a weekend with my parents. Primarily I went to see my grandmother and mom. My grandmother, who has been in a nursing home since about this time last year, has been steadily going down hill since the first of the year. Physically she's very weak and in a lot of pain due to various problems. Mentally, she's suffering from a dementia that has hit like the proverbial Mack truck. My grandmother was always very active, and now needs help even to eat and can't remember where she is most of the time, and loses track of the year all the time.

Of course, this has been hard for my mom who has had the main responsibility of taking care or her, taking her to appointments, and managing her care as she is the closest family member. Not only is it hard for her to see her mom slipping away, but it's been hard to see her in pain as well.

So I went to see my grandmother for what might have been the last time. And to see my mom, as we just needed some time together during this rough time. Though bitter sweet in many ways, it was a great weekend. Grandmama did know who I was, and told me she loved me and that she loved getting visitors. Mama and I went shopping and ate way too much food. My dad and I got to visit as well. So, thank you, Kelly, for keeping the kids so I could make a stress-free trip up there. And thank you, Aubrey (my pastor's wife and very good friend) for spurring me on to go.

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