Saturday, March 27, 2010

Look Away, look away, look away

Really, I guess it should be "go away." I gave this command to my husband and myself on Friday night. We had babysitters lined up - Kora is still too young for an overnight babysitting job - and a local hotel reserved. We had gift cards for dinner and dvds to watch.

Man, I wish we could do that once a month. But since we haven't gotten away for even a night in almost three years (right before I found out I was pregnant with Ashlynn), don't worry that we'll go over board and be leaving our kids all the time. But next time I think it should be for the whole weekend. The bad thing is that we are so spoiled by our memory foam mattress at home that neither of us sleep as well away from the house.

Anyone know of a hotel chain that has memory foam mattresses in its rooms?


dirksgirl said...

Oh, we are so right there! We are in the midst of planning a getaway and that is the only thing we have second thoughts about: leaving our memory foam mattress. CJ sure does love it when we go out of town!
SO glad y'all got away for even a little while!

Amy Mantooth said...

Is it possible to send the kids away and have your "get-away" at home?

OR!!! I know! I know! You guys go to the Russell's and they go to your house! (Kids are all gone, of course.) Then, you still have a memory foam mattress!!!

Tami said...

Amy, the time we had a night away from the kids almost three years ago, we did a "stay-cation." The 5 girls went to a friend's house and we spent the night at home alone.

That was great, especially since we had our own bed, but it's not truly "getting away." The stuff at home is still staring at you - clean me! fix me! Etc. But still it was fun, and cheaper than a hotel!