Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yet another haircut

I promise I don't intend to publish every haircut we get in the family, but part of the reason for this blog is for the purpose of family members to be able to be a part of our lives.

Also this is such a huge change for us. For years and years, our girls hated even the mention of a trim. They gloried in their long hair, no matter how long it took to brush or how wild it tended to be. We were not just the family with all the girls, but the family with all the girls with really long hair. I remember almost begging the girls to get their hair cut because I was tired of spending so much time brushing it. Just a couple of years ago they looked like this:
Now all of a sudden, they all want short hair.

As an ironic aside, we are studying the roaring 20's right now. But I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.

So Brynna's been after me ever since Hailey got her haircut to get hers done as well. We measured and she even had enough to do another locks of love donation. Here we are before:
And after:
She declares she loves it. Now that they are old enough to brush their own hair, they see the the virtues of shorter hair. But it really is cute on her!

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Amy Mantooth said...

She looks great! What a cute look for her!