Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympic Withdrawal

So the Olympics are over now, and I feel the same bereftness (is that a word?) that follows the end of football season. I admit to being an Olympics junkie - both summer and winter. My favorite winter sport, believe it or not, is curling. I started watching it 8 years ago, really got hooked four years ago, and sat riveted before every curling match they showed this year. Kelly is nearly as bad.

The funny thing is that the girls, at least the older two, got into it as well this year. It was funny to hear them discussing strategy, about whether they should freeze the rock or knock it out. But the funniest thing came out of Hailey, our seven year old.

In curling, the team that throws the last rock of an end (which is somewhat like an inning in baseball) has what's called the "hammer" or last rock. This is an advantage in the game. During one game, Hailey came up and asked:

"So which team has the ax?"

Poor girl, we've never let her live that down. Considering the game is played on a smooth sheet of ice, the thought of an ax involved makes it even funnier.

Too bad they only televise curling down here in Texas during the Olympics.

Lauryn, our five year old, had one that I thought was even funnier. As a friend of mine said, this falls into the "You know you live in Texas when..." category.

She came downstairs one afternoon last week after nap and glanced at the tv. I had a hockey game on at the time (as there was no curling going on at the time). She looked at the tv and then to me.

"Hmmm. Ice football."

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